Hebrew For "The House Of Truth"

Craig M. Lyons Ms.D., D.D., M.Div.


In the first two articles we explained in detail how the account of the transfiguration of Jesus on the Mountain in the Gospels was basically a retelling of the prior transfigurations of other solar and lunar gods like Horus, Buddah, Dionysus, Zoroaster, etc. In those two articles we mentioned that the transfiguration event is nothing more than the allegorical representation of astral phenomena as witnessed and understood by the Ancients who saw in such celestial events a much higher Spiritual Revelation. They came to mould in myths higher spiritual truths that the Ancient sages and Priests of antiquity reasoned from such events. I referenced it, as they understood it, to the Summer solstice, where the Sun, understood by the Ancients as a symbol for the Creator God, reaches the zenith of its path in the sky and its greatest light, illumination, and brightness is shown upon the world below. Allegorically speaking we saw that this really refers to the intentioned Spiritual development of mankind by the Creator as he "matures" and becomes "Holy for I am Holy" says the Divine. The Sun was personified over time in the form and myths of Horus, Buddah, Dionysus, Zoroaster, and even Jesus and even before that the same Divine Concepts represented in the lives of these solar gods were first understood by these Ancient sages by observations of the Moon as it reflected the light of the Sun. Thus we find in these solar myths and lunar myths that the Moon is personified as mankind. I assume you have heard the phrase "man in the Moon". Of this I speak. In these earlier articles we noticed how the phases of the Moon and its increasing light as seen from its emerging cresent, increasing over 14 days to fullness of illumination at a full Moon, was likened to the Spiritual development of mankind whereby mankind, in their intended progressive spiritual maturity, achieves the ultimate goal of reflecting God's light from within himself to a greater degree as he grows and mature Spiritually during his life. The Ancients saw a direct parallel to the Moon reflecting the Sun's light (remember a symbol for God) with mankind in which he is also to reflect God's light through his life. We saw also that as in the changing phases of the Moon as it reflects this light of the Sun, man should expect a gradual increase of God's light shinning from within himself as comes to the realization that he is "divine" and allows this light and revelation of God within to shine from his life as he grows older. God was teaching mankind through the movement of the Sun and the Moon and the stars deep Spiritual Truths before there was ever Bibles or holy books written. Also, as we saw following the Summer solstice where the Sun begins to descend in the sky on its path to its ultimate death as exampled in passing through the Autumn equinox and finally its ultimate death at the Winter solstice (allegorically speaking), man should likewise expect that he must prepare for his ultimate death as exampled by the Sun and the Moon in their astronomical cycles and patterns:

The Ancient sages and Priests of Egypt all the while realized that it is the Creator's goal for mankind to increasingly and gradually reflect more of this light from God which dwells within him as his knowledge and revelation of this indwelling light becomes illuminated within him through his life. They understood that what we see in the physical realm is but a reflection of the metaphysical and mystical realm that dwells within mankind. Similarly man was to reflect like the Moon the light of God (the Sun) progressively through his life as did the Moon above. Thus Osiris, the pattern for all mankind, was known as a Moon god and in so doing became the vehicle for such spiritual teachings that are lost today because he is only seen by most as a historical figure at best or cast aside as a silly myth. We also saw that the Ancients understood that this "life" given mankind by the Creator was to be recycled as witnessed by the Cosmic Laws written by God above him in the Heavens and as witnessed in Mother Nature around him where these same cycles and patterns spoke daily to him of God and His master plan regarding all life: birth, sustaining of life, death, rebirth, etc. But understand that behind all of this the Ancients understood that all of these events, first witnessed in the natural, were to be understood on a higher plane. These natural phenomena spoke of a much higher truth in the Mystical realm; the realm of the metaphysical.Along with that the Ancient Egyptian sages and holy men captured these Divine Truths which they witnessed in the Heavens and Nature around them in "myths" and "legends" which would be remembered for all time among mankind and would you know they were right for all world religions are molded around these very myths (even Christianity); often without the knowledge of the many millions who follow their own religion believing that they alone follow the "only way, the truth, and the life". What a debt we own these Spiritual Masters of the black race of Egypt, the land of Kam, and their black skinned children, the original Jews of the Bible who sacrificed their lives down through history to preserve these precious truths. Of course history and conquest has a way to "blur" Divine Truth and it has been "blurred" and at times these truths are almost non-recognizable. But in my opinion Biblical and Rabbinic Judaism is the best "existing" way today to reach back in time and listen to these Ancient Spiritual Masters speak to us today. That says a lot I believe coming from a former ordained Christian Pastor who studied too much and saw these hidden truths long lost and dusty in the corridors of the replacement religion he inherited in the Western hemisphere.


It has been by purpose in this website as well as in the earlier articles in this series to reveal that not only the Transfiguration of Jesus on the Mount is an astronomical allegory expressing higher Spiritual truth and was never intended to be seen in a "literal" fashion as most have been taught today but at the same time to introduce to the reader the hidden truths behind the "Jesus Story" and how this whole account is not a historical biography but rather a rather later "literalization" of prior spiritual myths and legends which were packed with Spiritual Truths which today have been lost to almost all of mankind. Remember these "Spiritual Truths" came from scrutiny of Astronomical phenomena as witnessed by Ancient Spiritual Masters as instructed originally by the Elohim. That of course is a whole other study for another day or even years. These Spiritual Truths of which I speak can be recovered today but not without much effort on the part of the seeker of truth. The folly of a "literal" interpretation is seen when we realize in so doing that we miss the hidden Divine Revelations given to the Ancients by the Creator or Creators in the beginning of our existence. Remember the names of God in your Bible are both singular and plural. In this article I wish to bring out some more of this lunar symbolism as understood by the Ancients as attached to the original "Jesus Story" which few know today is really the "Osiris Story".

Answer for yourself: How many Christians know the "Osiris Story" let alone the 200 parallels to the "Jesus Story" which Gearld Massey enumerates in his books on Egypt?

I believe that all Christians and followers of all world religion must understand the truth behind the "Jesus Story" for it is from the original "Osiris Story that all religions emanate" in some degree (even Christianity). It is in this story that the God Ausar (Osiris as the personified Sun) was killed by his brother, Set (personified darkness from which we later get the concept of the adversary of the Sun whom we call Satan).

Whether or not you believe in battles between the forces of light and darkness, this idea nevertheless occupies an important place in a substratum of collective belief in Western culture. It all came for primitive mans' fear of darkness. The idea of light-and-darkness is as old as the hills. The alternation of night/day and winter/summer has been a fundamental human experience throughout time. The interaction of light and dark created life. To the Ancients all creation was seen to result from infinite variations of these two polarities which together make one. As prehistory unfolded, people became increasingly habituated to hurting and harming one another. A shock to human values and sensibilities, this brought up the 'problem of evil'.

Answer for yourself: What made people do this? Why do we act out evil upon one another and where does this "evil" reside and what is its remedy? Are you aware that this quest for the answers to the origin of Evil was the ultimate reason for the origin of all religions? Was there an evil force causing people to act anti-socially or go against the Laws of Creation which taught order and harmony (Egypt called it Ma'at)? Thus arose the idea of a universal battle, symbolized originally between light and darkness, later personified in the battle between Horus (personified light) and Set (personified darkness); not merely being an interaction between the forces of light and darkness. This is generally known as dualism and is the basis of most world religions in one fashion or the other.

In this scenario, light became 'good' and darkness 'evil'. Light or " white" became good and "black" became evil and behind this is the origin for all racism. This Cosmic principle of the tension between good and evil was preserved by the Ancients through the aid of myths and legends that captured for all time this Eternal Principle and we find it expressed through the agents of Osiris, Horus, and Set to begin with but others would follow in every nation under the Sun with their own similar myths carrying different names for the characters involved. The same story is told again and again down through history from nation to nation as they struggled with the same concepts and finds its final expression in history in the "Jesus Story" which rolled all these prior "myths" and "legends" rolled into one unique synthesis. This explains why there is no existing prior "religious myth" found in any one nation which contains all the parts of this puzzle which later we find rolled into this one unique synthesis in the "Jesus Story". It is the summary statement of all of them.

This contest between good (life) and bad (death) and light and darkness is played out in many legends the world over; only the names change. The New Testament account of Lazarus is but one of many of these myths. That may be a shock to you but if you read the article in the link above then you see that Lazarus is again a personification of this eternal struggle between light and darkness and is nothing more than a later retelling of the "Osiris Story". The original story of such a tension between good and evil and light versus darkness goes all the way back to Egypt and the legend of the triumph of life and light over darkness and death begins with Osiris. Everything it seems regarding religion began with Egypt. Thus the stories of being raised from the dead goes back to Egypt and their religion focused on death and the beyond and gives mankind great insight into this shadowy subject. Egypt's resurrection religion has as its very center one of the best known and most powerful myths, the raising of Osiris, the god of the dead. Osiris, Ausar, is the god of the dead, and the god of the resurrection into eternal life; ruler, protector, and judge of the deceased, and his prototype (the deceased was in historical times usually referred to as "the Osiris" [L-Ausar/Lazarus..see above the word play]). His cult originated in Abydos, where his actual tomb was said to be located. The essence of Osiris left to establish a kingdom in the constellation of Orion, while his body went to the underworld. So we have now see that Lazarus, or L-Asuras or Osiris is raised from the dead. Asur, is the real name of Osiris in Egyptian. But this again goes back to Egypt. It relates to one of the best known and most powerful myths, the raising of Osiris, the god of the dead which is nothing more than the personified story of the rebirth of the Sun from the dead following the Winter Solstice. But it is more as well; it also reflects Osiris in the Moon as well since the Moon reflects the light of the Sun. Identified variously with the waters of the Nile and the grain of the earth (the physical realm of matter), the Moon, and the Sun (the celestial realm), Osiris was the great symbol of the creative forces of nature and the imperishability of life (the triumph of life over death and light over darkness as we have seen in the path of the Sun through the Heavens as well as the Moon being but a reflection of God's Light in the Sun). This is all the more important when we realize that the Ancients saw in these events man's example of how he is to live his life as well as the pattern to be followed at his death. Osiris was the pattern for the "perfect man" like Jesus is made to be to the Christian...the role model). As Osiris was "the goal" so was Jesus made the "goal". We call it "Christ-likeness" today and this expresses perfectly of what I speak. In this teaching of the "Christ within" we approximate exactly what the Ancients understood about "becoming Osiris". But when this "Jesus Story" is only interpreted historically, which it is not, then we move into idol worship and miss the Divine Truths desirous of the Creator we learn. We recognize this as Christians as being "in Christ"; the Ancient Egyptian sages, priests and Pharaohs understood it as "becoming Osiris" or being "in Osiris" just like the concept was later called "in Christ".

Rom 8:1 1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. (KJV)

Rom 16:7 7 Salute Andronicus and Junia, my kinsmen, and my fellowprisoners, who are of note among the apostles, who also were in Christ before me. (KJV)

1 Cor 1:30 30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption: (KJV)

2 Cor 5:17 17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. (KJV)

Gal 4:19 19 My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you, (KJV)

Answer for yourself: How can the above verses be understood as if referring to a historical Christ Jesus? They cannot and the "gnosis" of the "Christ within" has today been tragically lost and replaced by the "Christ historical-without". This one simply did not exist except in Rome's imagination and the forgery of a Second New Testament that replaced the First New Testament of the Gnostic Christians which ONLY taught a "Christ Within".

Now we turn to the "Osiris Story". Osiris died and the Sun stood still for 3 days and men feared the Sun had died. Through the power of Birth (Isis) under the authority and skill of Thoth (The Higher Genius) Osiris arose on the physical plane as the great avenging god Horus, his son. On the spiritual plane Osiris became the great god of the underworld. Like Jesus he became the god that the Egyptians needed to become in order to be saved.

I wish in this article to present some interesting facts about Osiris, the prototype for the New Testament Jesus, who was first and foremost a God of Fertility before his death, and God of the Underworld after his murder by his brother Set (Typhon). Osiris was the son of Geb (earth) and Nuit/ Nut (the heavens), and is credited with inventing the instruments of agriculture. He also instituted Law, Marriage and Religion. Isis, his sister and wife is credited with teaching men the use of barley and wheat. Osiris` brother Set (Typhon) was filled with envy and malice and sought to usurp his throne. But Isis, who held the reigns of government (for Isis represented the sovereignty of the land), frustrated his plans. Set resolved to kill Osiris and organized a conspiracy. Osiris was persuaded to lie down in a wooden chest and Set and his 72 two conspirators nailed shut the chest and flung it into the Nile. With the help of Nephthys, her sister and Anubis, Isis found the chest on the shores of Byblos, but Set, while out hunting by moonlight, discovered the chest, opened it, and cut Osiris' body into 14 pieces (14 days is half the lunar cycle), which he scattered throughout the land. Important for us to notice is that Set discovered and stole this chest back from her and cut Osiris' body into fourteen pieces which he then scattered across Egypt. Isis, Nephthys and Anubis found all but one piece (the phallus) and with the aid of the magician Thoth, resurrected Osiris. Osiris became God of the Underworld and Judge of the souls of the deceased. After much bickering and fighting between Set and Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris, as to who would inherit the throne of Egypt, Horus was given the throne by Ra/Re. Few Egyptologists today have noticed that the Osiris Ritual still exists under the disguise of both the gnostic and canonical gospels, or that it was the fountain-head and source of all the books of wisdom claimed to be divine. In the mythology - that is, in the primitive mode of rendering the phenomena of external nature - Osiris as light-giver in the Moon was torn in fourteen pieces during the latter half of the lunation by the evil Sut, the personified and opposing power of darkness. He was put together again and reconstituted by his son, beloved Horus, the young solar god. This representation could not have been made until it was known that the lunar light was replenished monthly from the solar source. Then Horus as the Sun god and the vanquisher of Sut, the power of darkness, could be called the reconstituter of Osiris in the Moon. In that way a foundation was laid in natural fact according to the science of mythology, and a mystery bequeathed to the eschatology which is doctrinal. For as it had been with the dismembered, mutilated god in the mythos, so it is with the Osiris deceased, who has to be reconstructed for a future life and put together bit by bit as a spiritual body in one of the great mysteries of Amenta. Amenta represents the Underworld or Land of the Dead. Originally it meant the horizon of the Sun set. Later, it became the symbol of the west bank of the Nile, where the Sun set and also where the Egyptians traditionally buried their dead. .

In another version of this legend, Isis swallowed Osiris and brought him back to life, reincarnated as the child Horus, or else as the ithyphallic moon-god Min, or Menu. To some the myth that Isis assembled Osiris from his body parts that she swallowed and spat him out as Osiris-Min represents reincarnation, or continuation of life. After his resurrection he became a god and became known as lord of the underworld and as the moon-god. He is sort of the equivalent of Christ in Christianity. By the 18th dynasty in Egypt he was the equal of Ra.

Osiris, being the first living thing to die, subsequently became lord of the dead. His death was avenged by his son Horus, who defeated Set and cast him out into the desert to the West of Egypt (the Sahara). Prayers and spells were addressed to Osiris throughout Egyptian history, in hopes of securing his blessing and entering the afterlife which he ruled; but his popularity steadily increased through the Middle Kingdom. By Dynasty XVIII he was probably the most widely worshipped god in Egypt.

His popularity endured until the latest phases of Egyptian history; reliefs and statues still exist of Roman emperors, conquerors of Egypt, dressed in the traditional garb of the Pharaohs, making offering to Osiris in Roman temples. The worship of Osiris, better understood as the worship of the Power that reanimated Osiris whom was identified with the Sun who was again a symbol of the Intelligent Creator and Live-Giver of the Universe, was one of the great cults of ancient Egypt. It gradually spread throughout the Mediterranean world and, with that of Isis and Horus, was especially vital during the time of the Roman Empire and it would be Rome again who gives us the New Testament.

Answer for yourself: Could this be one reason why the "Jesus Story" is a copy-cat retelling of the "Osiris Story" and the "Horus Story" all rolled into one?

Answer for yourself: Should it concern us that after all, the Church Fathers who canonized the New Testament were all Romans (ex-pagans who converted to Christianity), who grew up with "Osiris Worship" and is it just possible that in creating a replacement religion for Judaism that they only recast "Osiris" and the "new Jesus"?

Answer for yourself: Did you catch the statement above? Roman emperors dressed like Egyptian Pharaohs? How big could have been; this Egyptian influence upon Rome and the Roman New Testament and we not know it? This is all the more important because the fact of the matter is that modern scholarship today tells us that the New Testament Jesus is a plagiarized version of Osiris and his son Horus which again is but the Egyptian myth of the personified Sun and Moon. You only have to know the myth of Osiris and Horus and contrast the myth of Osiris and the myth of Horus with the "Jesus Story" to see these similarities yourself.

Answer for yourself: Instead of trying to "believe" the "Jesus Story" as a literal and historical truth don't you think it is time we, as did the Ancients, come to the understanding of these "God-breathed" truths that lay behind the "myths" and "legends" of these solar heroes, these gods and goddesses instead of focusing on them as if "literal truths"?

Answer for yourself: Is it not time to realize that similarly Heru or Horus was changed into Jesus, the son (Sun) of God?

Answer for yourself: Are you beginning to see that the "Jesus Story", prototype for Constantine's bible, is to be found published in detail in the Egyptian Book of the Dead?

Answer for yourself: Do you remember the reference above to the 18th Dynasty of Egypt? Did you know that the Pharaoh Akhenaton is believed by many scholars today like Ahmed Osman and others to be the Biblical Moses? If that is so, and the archeological evidence supports it today, then why is the promotion of Aten over Osiris by Moses so important? Who is this Aten?

The Aten gained its prominence during the reign of Akhenaten. The heretic king made an effort it seems, to unite all the peoples of Egypt under one god. He abolished the traditional cults of Egypt and replaced them with the Aten. Unfortunately for Akhenaten, the Egyptians did not wish to be united in this fashion. Traditions, even false ones are hard to give up. Akhenaten, the Biblical Moses, considered the Aten to be the invisible creative force in the universe and the only god worthy of his worship.

Exod 20:1-6 1 And God spake all these words, saying, 2 I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. 3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me. 4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: 5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; 6 And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments. (KJV)

Of course now you see that even the innocent worship of Osiris as a presentation of God is not allowed. We {short description of image}can understand Osiris and Jesus as a "Divine Concept" but not as a literal personage worthy of prays, songs, or worship or adoration for all of these are strictly reserved for God ALONE! Do do otherwise is gross idolatry and forbidden by Moses and the later Jewish faith. Moses understood that innocently Egypt was "getting off the path" in their worship of the Creator and something had to be done so he took quick and decisive action and enforced the worship of the Invisible Uncreated Intelligent Energy of the Cosmos who Alone is God! Therefore there is to be 3 dimensional representation of Osiris or Jesus or any other for that matter. This commandment is not only found in the Laws of Noah but in the Laws of Moses as well. Thus inscriptions state that the god of Moses, the original Aten, had no physical image, but it was represented as a solar disk projecting many downward rays that ended as human hands. Sometimes holding ankhs, the symbol of eternal life.

Answer for yourself: Could it just be that Moses' rebellion ( the 18th dynasty) and closing down of all the Temples in Egypt and enforcing the worship of Aten in Egypt was due to this prevalence of Egypt's worship of the "personified godman" over the worship of the Invisible, Uncreated Intelligent Energy of the Universe whom today Christians call Yahweh or "God"? THINK!

Egyptian history and archeological records today teach us that the Aten gained its prominence during the reign of Akhenaten. The heretic king made an effort it seems, to unite all the peoples of Egypt under one god. He abolished the traditional cults of Egypt and replaced them with the Aten. Unfortunately for Akhenaten, the Egyptians did not wish to be united in this fashion. The king considered the Aten to be the creative force in the universe and the only god worthy of his worship.

Answer for yourself: In other word was Moses trying to stop the worship of the "personified Osiris" of his day or as known today by a similar name today the "personified Jesus" of his day? THINK!

We need another Moses today to refocus our worship from the false godman of Nicea, Jesus of Constantine's doing, back to the invisible Creator God.

Fortunately, centuries of Christian book burning (like the burning of the Alexandrian library and its 700,000 volumes by Rome in the 4th century) cannot erase the stars, the Sun nor the Moon. Archeology today has given us the glory of Ancient Egypt and their rich Spiritual heritage. By looking at the Gospels through the eyes of an astronomer and astrologer, we can understand why the Gospels follow the same story outline which was to be understood only on a higher "allegorical" and "spiritual" level.

Now back to our main points since we cannot chase too many rabbits in every article.

Osiris eventually became the most important of the Egyptian gods, taking over the function of Ra, and he assumed the role of all the nature gods which then just represented aspects of his divine resurrection. But I hope you saw that behind the "Osiris myth" is first of all astronomy

Answer for yourself: Was the message of resurrection from the dead understood by the Ancients by looking at the Moon? Was the Osiris story and the connection to him being cut into 14 parts symbolic of the stages or phases of the Moon? Was Osiris being "restored" after his death a picture of "life after death" or "resurrection" which again was pictured in the continual cycle of the Moon passing through its phases, from darkness to light back to darkness, being understood by the Ancients allegorically for birth, life, death, rebirth as a Divine Principle working in God's Cosmos? It sure was. It is really not to hard once you see it.

1 Cor 15:46 46 Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual. (KJV)

It should becoming clearer now for the reader. Ancients sages and Priests could only apprehend the nature-forces by their effects, and try to represent these by means of other powers that were present in nature, but which were also necessarily superior to the human. The powers first perceived in external nature were not only unlike the human, they were very emphatically and distinctly more than human. So they fashioned a type of sign-language to express these greater than human "powers" which were invisible and which were at work above and around them. These powers and patterns and cycles were represented first in the form of animals which exhibited attributes greater than the human and only after along period of time were they refashioned in the likeness of man. That is where they got off for as time will show us they would being to worship "man" who for them was image of this God that they saw at work above and around them. This "human representation" of God over time was captured again in myths and the "gnosis" originally possessed was lost in subsequent generations and what was originally ONLY understood as "allegories", "figurations", "symbolisms" and "typifications" became erroneously understood and interpreted as if "literal" and or "historical". It happened for Osiris and it has happened for his successor; the "Jesus Story" of the New Testament. On this website alone I have shown in many, many places, that an unbiased study of History will show you that there is not a shred of legitimate historical evidence anywhere that the Jesus Story originated as the biography of a man named Jesus, and quite a lot of evidence that it did not. An unbiased through study of Comparative Religion will reveal to you that the basic plot of the Jesus Story, from beginning to end, including the motif of a crucified savior, already existed in many other religions thousands of years prior to the alleged time of Jesus and if you continue such dedicated studies into Astronomy and Solar Mythology you will find that beyond any doubt the "Jesus Story" is nothing more than an allegory for what would naturally be the oldest and most important story humans would notice and write down, that of the annual passage of the seasons of the year and the path of the Sun through the celestial sphere and the 12 Houses of the Zodiac during the year. Personification of the Sun through the sky as found in the story of ancient solar and lunar gods follow in chronological procession through the year the exact chronology of the "Jesus Story" when personified from Matthew chapter 1 through then end of the book. If we understand that behind these "representations" of solar orbs and forces of nature lie real "Divine Truths" recognized by the Ancient Spiritualists which we have lost today when we "literalize" these myths we have inherited with a false hermeneutic and interpretation attached to them. The Transfiguration of Jesus is but one of many of these pieces of "lost wisdom" which we read never realizing that we possess no truth to the account when we read it literally and this is no different from the story of Lazarus or the Nativity or the Crucifixion for that matter. These were never intended to be understood historically as if a biography of some historical person and courageous study will reveal that to the true "truth seeker".

Answer for yourself: Is it just a coincidence that along with Jesus who was "transfigured" on the mountain we find Moses and Elijah, both whom were dead but appearing as if alive again? How are we to see this story? Did actually Moses and Elijah show us? How do we reconcile this with commandments to not consult the dead in the Torah? The Torah says "Do not act on the basis of omens. Do not act on the basis of auspicious times." The Israel of God, the legacy of Moses and Egypt, is to be a holy and intelligent nation. Therefore God commanded us not to follow false teachings like the "literalized" Osiris and "Jesus Story" and not to think that they are actually true. The Torah says, "There is no divination in Israel and no occult powers in Israel." (Numbers 23:23). This indicates that occult practices and divination are not proper for the nations of Israel. For us to think that this occurred with a historical Jesus would have been sin and disqualifies him, if real, of being anyone's Messiah. Of course you are seeing that the whole story if Mystical and Mythical and based of off Astronomy and movements of orbs in the Heavens. Rabbi Moshe Maimonides (the RaMbaM) writes that divination and occult practices are totally ineffective. They are false means of fooling people, thought up by early idolaters in order to draw people to follow them. Whoever believes that these are true powers that are merely forbidden by the Torah lacks intelligence. Truly intelligent people realize that there is actually no substance to these things. The Torah forbids them because these were invented by fools, to trick others. People should not waste time with this instead of studying Torah for in it and its proper interpretation are the ways of God's salvation for Jew and Gentile.

Answer for yourself: Looking at Osiris in the Mount of the Moon again then was this a picture and a message of the Divine Truth that there exists a "resurrection from the dead" following the Godly ordained pattern for man's spiritual development and was this "Divine Truth" being taught daily by the Sun and monthly by the Moon as it reflected the light of the Sun? Was this same Spiritual and Divine Truth captured for all time by Egyptian myth and was this same truth foreshowed by the Ancients in the "Osiris myth?

If you ask what phenomenon played a vital part in developing the human imagination to believe in a life after death, it was, quite simply, observing the Moon. The part that the Moon has played in resurrection beliefs is one of the most fascinating subjects in the history of religions. The Sun is always the same. The Moon, on the other hand, is born new, grows to maturity, dies and is resurrected. The period of the new Moon -- the resurrection of the Moon -- became one of the most important religious celebrations in all primitive cultures. And do not miss this next fact. Even church father St. Augustine, writing within the framework of 4th century Christianity, still used the cycles of the Moon as his "proof" that there was a resurrection from the dead. Other church fathers used the same argument as "proof." "On the third day he rose again from the dead" is a phrase found in primal religious liturgies that refer to the resurrection of the Moon after the third night of darkness following its death and complete darkness." As the Moon dies and cometh to life again, so we also, having to die will rise again," declared the Ancient Egyptian sages. Basically the Moon was "she," for the Moon-Goddess created time, with its cycles of creation, growth, decline and destruction. But that is not a hard and fast rule as we find with Osiris. This "feminine connection" with the Moon is why almost all ancient calendars were based on phases of the Moon and menstrual cycles (28 days of the Moon cycle, 28 days of the cycle of a woman's menses).

Answer for yourself: By observing such similarities in patterns and cycles observed in the Heavens above and within the physiology of mankind then did the Ancients come to the understanding that they were "created in the Image of the only God that they could see, the God who operated above their heads"? Yes they did.

Calendar and "time" consciousness developed first in women, because of their natural menstrual body calendar, correlated with observations of the moon's phases.

As mentioned above some scholars have proposed that Osiris' division into 14 pieces reflects that god's relationship with the Moon. The Moon waxes and increases its illuminated area for 14 days and then loses a piece each day for another 14 days, just as Osiris was cut into 14 pieces and had to have these same 14 pieces remade. The Astronomical event of the waning of the Moon (decreasing illumination surface of the Moon) and waxing of the Moon (increasingly illuminated surface of the Moon) is where the myth gets its life. The full Moon as viewed by the Ancients was seen as the counterpart of the Sun on the same mountain in the sky. Likewise as the Moon was in full splendor and illuminated brightly on the mountain of the sky when full at night so again was Jesus, as the personified Sun, is to be found on the same mountain at the Summer solstice. This should make all the more sense when realizing that the Moon gets her light from the Sun. Then the Moon, in its eternal cycle disappears into the darkness as it wanes, and again like Osiris, reappears two or three days later as it waxes anew, resurrected like that god. Osiris was the personification of this Astronomical lunar events and so is Jesus in the New Testament. The Moon is invisible for about three days during the new Moon phase just as was Jesus 3 days in the tomb.

Answer for yourself: Can all of this be but a coincidence? Hardly.

The Moon is the brightest object in the night sky, with clear features and changing brightness. It like the Sun passes through a cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth and the Ancients understood this Divine Concept and expressed it in myths. As a result the Moon, and not only the Sun, looms large in our world view. Almost every culture in the world and across time has a Moon myth. There are colorful stories of how the Moon came to be in the sky, why the Moon has phases and why the Moon has features on its face. The Moon was often an important god or goddess with spiritual connections to fertility, crops, spring, death and rebirth and other cyclic changes. The Moon as you can now see also had connections with the story of the death and resurrection of the Egyptian god Osiris. In later ages of the Egyptian empire, the Moon directly stood for Osiris, who ruled the transformation from life to death and cyclic changes. The waxing and waning of the Moon was interpreted as the death and resurrection of the god. Osiris became to be identified with the Sun and Moon, and with the great creative and rejuvenescence force or power, ie., the resurrection, and of life of every sort and kind which has the power of renewing itself.

Perhaps this sense of the number three explains sufficiently why it is used in reference to the period between death and resurrection. But then again, there may be other factors involved. For example, the Moon is invisible for about three days during the new Moon phase. And according to a Jewish belief that perhaps originated in Persia, the soul stays near the body for three days after a person's death: "For three days the soul hovers over the grave, contemplating a return to the body, but once it sees that the facial color has faded, it goes away, never to return" (Gen. Rab. 50:10).

John 11:17 17 Then when Jesus came, he found that he (Lazarus) had lain in the grave four days already. (KJV)

Answer for yourself: Is it a coincidence that we find this same 3 days mentioned in the story of the resurrection of "the Osiris" who we saw above was "L-Ausar or Lazarus"? Mention is made in the account of Lazarus of 4 days? Why 4 days? Because it is on the 4th day, the day following the 3 days of total darkness and allegorical death of the Sun at the Winter solstice and the Moon following its waning and total darkness for 3 days, that both orbs begin to show new "life" as seen in the Sun's movement once again in its northward trek up the sky as well as the Moon as it begins to reflect the light of the Sun as a "cresent Moon".

Answer for yourself: Is it a coincidence or a deeper Spiritual Truth told through the agency of myth which was never meant to be interpreted "literally"?


Now it is important to understand how these Ancients viewed these "gods". Contrary to popular belief, the ancients were not an ignorant and superstitious lot who actually believed their deities to be literal characters. Indeed, this slanderous propaganda has been part of the conspiracy to make the ancients appear as if they were truly the dark and dumb rabble that was in need of the "light of Jesus." The reality is that the ancients were no less advanced in their morals and spiritual practices, and in many cases were far more advanced, than the Christians in their own supposed morality and ideology, which, in its very attempt at historicity, is in actuality a degradation of the ancient Mythos. Indeed, unlike the "superior" Christians, the true intelligentsia amongst the ancients were well aware that their gods were astronomical and atmospheric in nature. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle surely knew that Zeus, the sky god father figure who migrated to Greece from India and/or Egypt, was never a real person, despite the fact that the Greeks have designated on Crete both a birth cave and a death cave of Zeus. In addition, all over the world are to be found sites where this god or that allegedly was born, walked, suffered, died, etc., a common and unremarkable occurrence that is not monopolized by, and did not originate with, Christianity.

Answer for yourself: So where do we find the original transfiguration of a god?

Gerald Massey, famed Egyptologist, explains the mythical meaning of the transfiguration and the origin of all later transfigurations when speaking of Osiris: The scene on the Mount of Transfiguration is obviously derived from the ascent of Osiris into the mount of the Moon (his 14 pieces lost and restored which is seen in the 14 day cycle of the Moon). The sixth day was celebrated as that of the change and transformation of the solar god into the lunar orb, when he re-entered on that day as the regenerator of its light.

With this we may compare the statement made by Matthew, that "after six days Jesus" went "up into a high mountain apart; and he was transfigured," "and his face did shine as the Sun, and his garments became white as the light" (G. Massey, The Historical Jesus And The Mythical Christ, p. 78). So you might say that Osiris is the "man in the Moon" and it is in the moon's fullness, after the 14 days of waxing of the Moon (regathering 14 parts of the Moon and its illuminated surface), that we see the fully resurrected Osiris as the full Moon shinning so brilliantly in the darkness (personified death) like the Sun (remember the Moon's only light is the reflected light of the Sun). In the "Jesus Story" we have the example of light and her victory over the darkness of night (the evil of death) as seen in the presence of Moses and Elijah. High in the mountain of the sky the Ancients came to understand that it is the Sun, by means of its reflected light off of the dark and lifeless orb of the Moon, that transfigures the death of the Moon into new life. The Moon became transfigured as a dead orb possessing no light into one brilliantly shinning in the mountain top of the night sky but also became in doing so one like the Sun. But also the myth of Osiris tells the same story by the recombination of his 14 pieces which correspond to the phases of the Moon and as they are restored Osiris lives again as does the Moon and the Ancients understood that this "transfiguration" in the mountain of the sky spoke to them of "resurrection from the dead". So as high in the sky as was Jesus, the personified Sun shinning in all his glory in the "Jesus Story", when revealing the glory of God and the Divine within him (as the pattern for all mankind in their spiritual development), we find Osiris shinning with the life of the Sun in the darkness of the underworld.

Answer for yourself: Who else was "transfigured"? Well there were many others besides Osiris and Jesus but lack of space will limit to discussion of only a few.

{short description of image}For those of you not familiar with Dionysus and the influence this myth had on the later "Jesus Story" let me give you a quick summary. "Almost always," says Dr. Cheetham, "the suffering of a god--suffering followed by triumph--seems to have been the subject of the sacred drama." Then occasionally to the Neophytes, after taking part in the pilgrimage, and when their minds had been prepared by an ordeal of darkness and fatigue and terrors, was accorded a revelation of Paradise, and even a vision of Transfiguration--the form of the Hierophant himself, or teacher of the Mysteries, being seen half-lost in a blaze of light (transfiguration). Finally, there was the eating of food and drinking of barley-drink from the sacred chest--a kind of Communion or Eucharist (Edwin Hatch, D.D., The Influence of Greek Ideas and Usages on the Christian Church (London, 1890), pp. 283-5). But as stated the Dionysus story itself if taken from an much earlier and Ancient story of Osiris in Egypt. Osiris and Dionysus, as both these gods surrender their lives for mankind during what was once the eighth month of the Roman year (mid-summer at the Summer solstice). This is the end of the period of inundation of the Nile in Egypt, when the flood waters begin to recede, and the full impact of the flood, whether for better or worse can be measured by the priests. This is also the end of the wine harvest in temperate climates, when the last grapes have ripened on the vine, before the cold sets in, withering the leaves. The grapes are crushed and their blood is sealed away in darkness where a sacred transfiguration takes place and the new wine is born. Among many reasons why the birth and return of Dionysus was celebrated during the middle of winter is the fact that the first wine is ready at this time. The ancients gave the wine approximately 72 days to ferment, this is also the amount of time that the priests of Anubis allowed for the mummification of the dead.

Let us now look at Buddah.

{short description of image}The life of Buddha ended sublimely. During a journey he felt ill. He came to the river Hiranja, near Kuschinagara. There he lay down on a carpet spread for him by his favorite disciple, Ananda. His body began to shine from within. He died transfigured, a body of light, saying, “Nothing endures.” The death of Buddha corresponds with the transfiguration of Jesus. The life of Jesus, however, contains more than the life of Buddha. Buddha's life ends with the transfiguration. The most significant part of the life of Jesus begins after the transfiguration. In the language of the initiates, Buddha reaches the point where divine light begins to shine in man. He stands before the death of the physical. He becomes the cosmic light. Jesus goes further. He does not die physically at the moment the cosmic light transfigures him. At that moment he is a Buddha. But at the same moment he enters upon a stage which finds expression in a higher degree of initiation. He suffers and dies. The physical part of him disappears. But the spiritual, the cosmic light does not vanish. His resurrection follows. He reveals himself to his community as Christ. At the moment of his transfiguration, Buddha dissolves into the hallowed life of the universal Spirit. Christ Jesus awakens this universal Spirit once more to present existence in a human form. Such an event had formerly taken place in a pictorial sense at the higher stages of initiation of the mysteries. Those initiated according to the Osiris myth attained to such a resurrection in their consciousness as a pictorial experience. In the life of Jesus this “great” initiation was added to the Buddha initiation, not as a pictorial experience, but as reality. Buddha demonstrated by his life that man is the Logos and that he returns to this Logos, to the light, when his physical part dies. In Jesus the Logos was made by the writers of the New Testament to become a person. In Jesus the Word became flesh "literally" according to these reshapers of the Ancient mythos by the writers of the New Testament.

Answer for yourself: Is it possible that God is trying to reach all of His children, in all nations, with these "higher Spiritual Truths" through he agency of similar myths?

Well all of the above is a beautiful story but it has to be understood for what it really is. It ultimate origin was taken from Astronomy from the Ancients actual observations of the path of the Sun at the Summer solstice where the Sun reaches the Zenith of its path in the sky in the hottest days of mid-summer. The Sun, climbing from its new birth following the Winter solstice reaches its apex in its path in the sky at the Summer solstice.

{short description of image}In Egypt the year began soon after the Summer Solstice, when the Sun descended from its midsummer height, lost its force, and lessened in its size as it descends the sky on its way to its final death at the Winter solstice. This all represented Osiris, who was born of the Virgin Mother as the child Horus, the diminished infantile Sun of Autumn; the suffering, wounded, bleeding Egyptian "messeh" or Messiah, as he was represented. "The word 'Messiah' comes from the Hebrew verb 'to anoint', which itself is derived from the Egyptian word messeh, 'the holy crocodile'. It was with the fat of the messeh that the Pharaoh's sister-brides anointed their husbands on marriage. The Egyptian custom sprang from kingly practice in old Mesopotamia." (Sir Laurence Gardner, "The Hidden History of Jesus and the Holy Grail" (from a lecture given at the Ranch, Yelm, Washington, 30 April 1997). Osiris, like Jesus, descended into hell, or hades, where he was transformed into the virile Horus, and rose again as the Sun of the resurrection at Easter. In these two characters of Horus on the two horizons, Osiris furnished the dual type for the Canonical Christ, which shows very satisfactorily HOW the mythical prescribes the boundaries beyond which the historical does not, dare not, go. The first was the child Horus, who always remained a child. In Egypt the boy or girl wore the Horus-lock of childhood until 12 years of age. Thus childhood ended about the twelfth year. But although adultship was then entered upon by the youth, and the transformation of the boy into manhood began, the full adultship was not attained until 30 years of age.

Answer for yourself: Does the ages of "12" and "30" stand out to you as you remember the "Jesus Story"? Coincidence?

The man of 30 years was the typical adult. The age of adultship was 30 years, as it was in Rome under Lex Pappia. As with the man, so it is with the God; and the second Horus, the same God in his second character, is the Khemt or Khem-Horus, the typical adult of 30 years. The God up to twelve years was Horus, the child of Isis, the mother's child, the weakling. The virile Horus (the Sun in its vernal strength), the adult of 30 years, was representative of the Fatherhood, and this Horus is the anointed son of Osiris. These two characters of Horus the child, and Horus the adult of 30 years, are reproduced in the only two phases of the life of Jesus in the Gospels. John furnishes no historic data for the time when the Word was incarnated and became flesh; nor for the childhood of Jesus; nor for the transformation into the Messiah. But Luke tells us that the child of twelve years was the wonderful youth, and that he increased in wisdom and stature. This is the length of years assigned to Horus the child; and this phase of the child-Christ's life is followed by the baptism and anointing, the descent of the pubescent spirit with the consecration of the Messiah in Jordan, when Jesus "began to be about 30 years of age."

So in drawing these articles to a close we can say, especially if you have read other articles on this site detailing other evidences, that from beginning to end the Canonical Gospels contain the Drama of the Mysteries of the Luni-Solar God, narrated as a human history. We can say then for sure that the scene on the Mount of Transfiguration is obviously derived from the ascent of Osiris into the Mount of Transfiguration in the Moon. The sixth day was celebrated as that of the change and transformation of the Solar God in the lunar orb, which he re-entered on that day as the regenerator of its light. With this we may compare the statement made by Matthew, that "after six days Jesus went up into a high mountain apart, and he was transfigured, and his face did shine as the Sun, and his garments became white as the light." In Egypt the year began soon after the Summer Solstice, when the Sun descended from its midsummer height, lost its force, and lessened in its size. This represented Osiris, who was born of the Virgin Mother as the child Horus, the diminished infantile Sun of Autumn; the suffering, wounded, bleeding Messiah, as he was represented. He descended into hell, or hades (the 3 great days of darkness at either the end of the Moon phase or it can be applied to the 3 days of the Sun's stillness at the Summer solstice as it begins to descend to the Autumn equinox and greater darkness and apparent death at the 3 days of the Winter solstice where the Sun stand still and the days year is filled with the longest darkest and coldest days of the year where the Ancients believed the Sun had died), where he was transformed into the virile Horus, and rose again as the Sun of the resurrection at Easter. This "Osiris Story" is without a doubt the "Jesus Story" retold. The "Jesus Story" is the final chapter in a long book of Astro-theology handed down since the beginning of recorded time.

Since the beginning of the year when our story began the Sun has been climbing higher and higher in the sky each day. Each day the Sun rises farther northward in the east, and sets farther northward in the west. The days are getting longer and brighter and warmer. On June 21 we reach the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. On this day the Sun rises farthest northward, the Sun climbs to its highest point in the sky, and then sets farthest northward in the west. It is the beginning of Summer, a period of bright, sunny, warm, and wonderful weather. It is at this point in the Jesus Story, where the SUN is at its greatest GLORY and BRIGHTNESS, that we have the Transfiguration of Jesus where his "face shone like the Sun".

Matt 17:2 2 And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light. (KJV)

Jesus goes up a high mountain, the highest point Jesus reaches in the story, and shines brighter than ever, the brightest he shines in the whole of his story. "His face shone like the sun." (Matthew 17:1-13) Jesus brings with him Peter, James, and John, and at the mountain top they meet Moses and Elijah. But understand that the Sun can not escape its ultimate fate. The Sun will continue slipping southward, Autumn will come, and the Sun will eventually die in the cold dark of the Winter Solstice on December 22, to be resurrected again three days later, on December 25.

Answer for yourself: Coincidence?

This turning point is the first time we may think about the eventual death of the Sun and it's ultimate fate in winter. Jesus first predicts his death just before the Transfiguration (Matthew 16:21-28). But the Sun can not remain at it's highest point forever. If it did there would be no seasons of the year. The harvest cycle wouldn't exist. We rely on the harvest cycle for our food, without which we would die. And just as the Sun can not escape it's fate, so too Jesus, a personification of the Sun, can not escape his fate, as he begins to tell us at this point in the story of his soon coming death.

Matt 17:9 9 And as they came down from the mountain, Jesus charged them, saying, Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man be risen again from the dead. (KJV)

Answer for yourself: Did you catch that? Risen "again"? How can Jesus who has not died yet be "RISEN AGAIN"?

Opps! The editors of the New Testament forgot to remove this blunder and it goes only to show us that the "Jesus Story" is nothing more than the retelling of the path of the Sun. Jesus is the personified Sun of the New Testament which "rises again and again" and has done so and will do so eternally. Surely you see this. This fact explains why if you undertake an unbiased study of History you will find that there is not a shred of legitimate historical evidence anywhere that the "Jesus Story" originated as the biography of a man named Jesus, and quite a lot of evidence that it did not. This explains why an unbiased through study of Comparative Religion will reveal to you that the basic plot of the "Jesus Story", from beginning to end, including the motif of a crucified savior, already existed in many other religions thousands of years prior to the alleged time of Jesus and if you continue such dedicated studies into Astronomy and Solar Mythology you will find that beyond any doubt the "Jesus Story" is nothing more than an allegory for the Sun and Moon and their cycles and paths in the Heavens and the Sun again in its annual passage through the seasons of the year and the path of the Sun through the celestial sphere and the 12 Houses of the Zodiac during the year. Believe it or not, or do the study for yourself, and you will see as I did that the personification of the Sun through the sky as found in the story of ancient solar and lunar gods follow in chronological procession through the year the exact chronology of the "Jesus Story" when personified from Matthew chapter 1 through then end of the book.

The waning cycle of the Moon also stands for Osiris’ journey into the underworld just as it did for Jesus' 3 days in hell which is again the 3 days of the darkness of the Moon before it renewed cresent following its 2nd 14 days phase following its fullness. As the Moon grows dark, it goes "into darkness," the equivalent of the underworld, hades, and hell, and the waxing cycle as the Moon grows brighter which is both Osiris’ ascent from the underworld as well as Jesus' resurrection following battling this great darkness for 3 days. Without going into too much detail, suffice to say that the number 14 is a very important number to the worshippers of Osiris, for more reasons than his death. Osiris, in his association with both the Sun and Moon, represents the principle of cycles; that everything has a beginning and an ending, but that life still goes on and new life takes the place of the old.

Whether you believe it or not does not matter, the fatal fact remains that every trait and feature which go to make up the Christ as Divinity, and every event or circumstance taken to establish the human personality were pre-extant, and pre-applied to the Egyptian and Gnostic Christ, who never could become flesh. The Jesus Christ with female paps, who is the Alpha and Omega of Revelation, was the IU of Egypt, and the Iao of the Chaldeans. Jesus as the Lamb of God, and Ichthys the Fish, was Egyptian. Jesus as the Coming One; Jesus born of the Virgin Mother, who was overshadowed by the Holy Ghost; Jesus born of two mothers, both of whose names are Mary; Jesus born in the manger--at Christmas, and again at Easter; Jesus saluted by the three kings, or Magi; Jesus of the transfiguration on the Mount; Jesus whose symbol in the Catacombs is the eight-rayed Star--the Star of the East; Jesus as the eternal Child; Jesus as God the Father, re-born as his own Son; Jesus as the Child of twelve years; Jesus as the Anointed One of thirty years; Jesus in his Baptism; Jesus walking on the Waters, or working his Miracles; Jesus as the Caster-out of demons; Jesus as a Substitute, who suffered in a vicarious atonement for sinful men; Jesus whose followers are the two brethren, the four fishers, the seven fishers, the twelve apostles, the seventy (or seventy-two in some texts) whose names were written in Heaven; Jesus who was administered to by seven women; Jesus in his bloody sweat; Jesus betrayed by Judas; Jesus as conqueror of the grave; Jesus the Resurrection and the Life; Jesus before Herod; in the Hades, and in his re-appearance to the women, and to the seven fishers; Jesus who was crucified both on the 14th and 15th of the month Nisan; Jesus who was also crucified in Egypt (as it is written in Revelation); Jesus as judge of the dead, with the sheep on the right hand, and the goats on the left, is Egyptian from first to last, in every phase, from the beginning to the end--"Gerald Massey

"The Christian religion and Masonry have one and the same common origin: Both are derived from the worship of the Sun. The difference between their origin is, that the Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the Sun, in which they put a man whom they call Christ, in the place of the Sun, and pay him the same adoration which was originally paid to the Sun".-Thomas Paine

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